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The Energy Efficiency Of Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are actually two panes of glass separated by air. These particular windows provide much better insulation to the homeowner against both cold weather and hot weather. The special glazing in fact gives off heat in colder weather and can stop heat from entering in warm weather. Double glazed windows are rarely used on decorative windows, instead they are employed with higher performance glass.

Double glazed windows are made out of low emissivity glass or possibly high, moderate or low solar gain glass. Low emissivity glass has an invisible layer of metal that moderates temperatures in extreme climates. Solar gain windows make the most of the heat whenever it happens to be cold and cut down heat while it is hot. Low solar gain gives you especially high protection from UV rays and is recommended in locations having extremely hot summers and less cool winters.

Doubled glazed windows that have thick argon gas in between the panes allow much less heat into the home or help keep the cold out. Since the panes are sealed airtight, no condensation appears. These kinds of windows have a lot of benefits. They help keep the cost of heating or cooling a house lower and increase security through adding another layer of glass. This added layer of glass will make the window very hard to break and they often include their own individual locking system which increases security. The UV coatings help protect furniture and draperies from fading from sun light. The layer of gas between the panes also works as insulation, reducing noise from the outdoors.

These particular windows are used a lot more by homeowners all around the country. They we're in the past used only in regions with severe temperatures. They performed so effectively in severe temperatures that they gained popularity in regions with moderate temperatures also. These types of windows are utilized for brand new construction and replacement windows, replacing the windows to add value to the home.

The downside to these windows is if condensation takes place the entire unit has to be replaced. The majority of these windows have warranties to protect homeowners from replacement expenses should condensation occur. If condensation occurs this usually means the window is not airtight. All double windows have to be airtight. In combination with sealing them, the windows will also be subjected to a drying agent in order to eliminate all of the moisture.

These types of windows are very effective and ideal for fighting carbon dioxide build-up. Using double paned windows as an alternative to single paned windows significantly reduces the carbon dioxide emissions our homes produce. With all of the advantages gained from installing double paned windows, the cost is quickly recovered with the money saved on power bills and also the improved environment. There is a great deal to gain and nothing to lose by investing in double glazed windows in your older house or in your new construction.


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