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Several fireplace upgrade suggestions

Upgrade your fireplace with a wood burning fireplace insert

The three principal parts of a traditional brick or stone fireplace are: the floor, known as the hearth; the firebox, which is the total area within the fireplace; and the chimney. Traditional fireplaces can be energy inefficient and drab-looking, and so to up-date one you can install an attractive stove-like appliance known as a "fireplace insert" in the firebox so solid fuel will burn more efficiently. The insert does not have to fit exactly into the firebox, as some models will stick out of the firebox onto the hearth, which isn't as attractive but will allow for greater heating efficiency. Up-to-date fireplace inserts are usually made of cast iron or steel, and you can install fireplace blowers right next to them to direct heat throughout the room. A fireplace insert is basically a small stove that fits into your firebox and keeps a maximum amount of heat in the room, rather than letting a lot of it go up the chimney. A big part of enjoying a fireplace is looking at the fire, and thus many fireplace inserts have glass doors for that, while other inserts are electric models with simulated flames. Conventional fireplaces have a major disadvantage since they can dry out the air, and so another desirable fireplace component is the cast iron steamer which adds steam to the heat as the wood is burning. Both the steamer and the blower sit on the hearth at the foot of the insert, and not only will you have a more effective heating system and lovely decorative accents, but if you add a medley of fragrances into the steamer water you can gradually give the room a lovely scent.

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Enhancing a fireplace mantle

The fireplace and fireplace mantle are more noticeable to house guests when they first come in than other aspects of the interior design. A mantle above the fireplace can be adorned in a number of ways to suit your values and tastes, and can make any room look warmer and cozier. In fact, fireplaces nowadays tend to perform as more of a decor function than a way to heat the house. After being constructed, mantles can painted or varnished with a finish of one's liking, then adorned with framed pictures, porcelain figurines, candelabras or whatever you prefer. You should avoid over-decorating your mantle and make it seem disorderly and busy, so the key is to be certain you put up a nice balance of objects. By the same token, when you do not have enough items on your mantle you are under-decorating, and this can produce an effect that is cold, sterile and uninviting. As the seasons change the interior design will probably become more festive as lots of people like to dress their mantles with holly, garland, lights and ornaments. A decorative mantle enhances your fireplace by giving it an intimate touch, and it makes the room feel more cozy and warm which in turn makes your home appear more inviting.

Maintaining your fireplace with the proper accessories

If you are shopping for fireplace accouterments you will find a full selection of types and styles. When spending money on the correct set you will want to consider many different things including your budget, the style and size of your fireplace and the decor of the room. There are many fireplace accessories that perform a purely decorative function while many others will be used to tend to the fire also. Grates are used on the firebox floor to raise the fire off the floor and supply improved air flow around the logs of a wood burning fireplace. Many times it will be advisable to move coals or hot logs around using tongs and pokers in order to keep the fire going. One crucial item that can enhance the safety of the fireplace, plus protect your carpets and floors, is a screen. There are lots of various styles of screens that you can select from to provide your fireplace with a wonderful look. The right accessories can improve the functionality of a fireplace and help keep it operating in a safe and clean manner.

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