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Roof decking

Roof decking is the lowest layer of a roofing system. It usually consists of plywood and is secured to the trusses that frame a home's attic in sloped roofs and the rafters of flat roof systems. When your entire roofing system is properly maintained, your roof decking can be the longest-lived component. However, there are some situations when roof repairs or roof damage may warrant the replacement of your roof decking.

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Your Roof as a System

Because your roof consists of several components that work together, decking that is in bad condition will affect every layer above it and compromise the effectiveness of your entire roof. For example,flat roofsthat have had moisture problems will likely need new decking. Sloped roofs with poor ventilation may have mold issues. Whenever you're replacing the top layer of your roof, your roofing company will analyze the entire system to determine if your decking needs to be replaced as well.

Severe Damage, Age, and Re-Roofing

Damage from storms often affects the entire roofing structure. Roofing repairs may include decking. Neglecting to maintain your roof will shorten the life of the system, including the decking. Time will eventually necessitate decking replacement. Installing a new roofing material may require new decking in order to support it.

Keeping Up with Inspections

Keep the roof on your home in great condition with regular maintenance and inspections.

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